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Mother Bertha & Bishop Joseph Wigfall
Founders of Equator Faith Mission


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Mission Background

Bishop Joseph and Missionary Bertha Wigfall met in Charleston, South Carolina and married in 1942. Bishop Wigfall was inducted into the United States Army in 1943 and was subsequently stationed at Camp Knight, California. In 1944, Mrs. Wigfall relocated to Oakland, California to be with her husband.

Because of their strong conviction to become missionaries, Missionary Bertha and Missionary Joseph Wigfall enrolled in Patton College and Seminary in Oakland, California in 1945, and graduated in June of 1949. In the fall of the year of our Lord 1949, soon after graduation from a Bible College in Oakland, CA   Rev. Joseph Wigfall and Evangelist Bertha Wigfall received the call of God upon their lives to go to the West-Indies with the Gospel of Jesus-Christ and preach salvation to a spiritually hungry generation waiting for the word of life. They were fierce oppositions in the beginning as expected but through intercessory prayers and supplications, God gave them a breakthrough.

Friend, through their ministry in the island of Jamaica, many lives have been touched and souls snatched from the paws of the enemy and the first Equator Faith Mission Church was officially established in the Island of Jamaica W.I. in 1949

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shall go and I will guide thee with my eye” (Psalm 32:8)

Later on, upon the call of God, they have moved on to another Island, Haiti W.I. The people were enchained in poverty and devil worshiping. Their presence in the country was not received with acclamation by the voodoo priest and his worshipers. But God has prepared the hearts of the people to receive the word. Many of the Government officials have helped the Wigfalls to the mission firmly all throughout the country.   

The Equator Faith Mission Association Inc. has organized and supported:

  • 25 Church Congregations with more than 6,000 in membership
  • 20 Christian schools K - 8th grade totaling 5,000 students receiving a good Christian education,
  • Supporting 107 Teachers
  • 30 Ordained, Licensed Ministers
  • 2 Children's Homes with 75 children
  • A Government approved community health center
  • An organized sponsorship program supporting 200 needy families
  • Radio broadcasts to 20 African nations via Pan American Broadcasting Co.

From 1950 until the time her health began to fail, Missionary Wigfall conducted a mass wedding for 12 or more couples annually. Together they carried out the mission of God by giving of their time, energy, and money.

If you want to be a part in all of these Christian activities and share the vision,
Contact Bishop Joseph Wigfall at: (510)632-3581 

Reaching The African Nation

In 1976, their first trip was made into Africa with the message of Jesus Christ. In Kenya, East Africa, Missionary Bertha Wigfall met the Masai Tribe. They did not have any Bibles in their own language, so she met with a representative from the Bible bookstore and negotiated with him to have Bibles printed in the tribal language. He received the information from England and forwarded it to her. In turn, Missionary Wigfall sent the money for printing the Bibles. It took three years to print the Bibles which were not to be sold to anyone. The Bibles were delivered by a truck to the leader of the Tribe and issued at no charge to the people.

Missionaries Bertha and Joseph Wigfall were responsible for constructing a Water Dam to meet the needs of the whole community in East Africa. Prior to the dam being built, the Masai women had been walking over 9 miles carrying water from a muddy water source for their families. Where there had been no rain for over 8 years and the cattle were dying from lack of water, the Wigfall's were used as a witness of God's love to build a water dam instead of a water well at the request of the tribe and the night the dam was completed, God sent an abundance of rain to fill the dam in a predominant Moslem community. Some people have traveled up to 12 miles to get water from the Dam. Water is now being piped from that Dam to three different communities and the people are full of joy and gladness for the water of eternal life and for the natural water of life.

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